Tool Used To Do Fire Hydrant Testing

Fire hydrants will be installed at strategic points and distances along your neighborhood and city’s sidewalks and roads. In the event of a sudden fire outbreak, these hydrants need to be ready, willing and able by the time the fire department’s team arrives on the scene. In order to ensure that this remains the case, custodians of these important fire prevention apparatuses will be utilizing the hydrant flow test, or other methods, as it relates to the apparatus being checked out.

Specific to the inspection work being carried out a Fire Flow Pro device could be utilized by the custodian or the representative technician providing assistance. The device is reliable to use. Fully equipped with comprehensive software, it allows for streamlined testing work. The Fire Flow Pro system does highlight the dependability of existing hydrant and water flow systems when put to work.

The testing work will be striving to lower the ISO score whilst ensuring that the firefighting apparatus has enough water in storage to deal with the fire outbreak. Whilst the testing device is user-friendly, there will of course, always be supporting tutorial material available. Custodians deal with documented advice, full product information brochures and online or pre-packaged video demonstrations.

Online, the key features of the product are always highlighted for quick informational referencing. Included to the testing equipment are transmitters with meshing capabilities. These allow transmitters to communicate around corners and beyond obstacles. Also included are electronic pressure transducers. The hose monster diffuser installed eliminates the need of having to replace the standard pitot nozzle.

hydrant flow test

Different sized diffusers are available for purchase in order to allow the user to achieve the desired drops in pressure, when required. And when C Factor testing is required, a C Factor Module with an additional transmitter will be supplied.